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We teach all our Barbers the techniques we use regardless of their qualifications. Trainees are providing with full in house training. We use traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. As well as all the modern and up to date techniques used in barbering now.  

By mixing our Traditions and new techniques we are able to offer our clients the best haircuts and treatments. Barber Training is done in stages of 3,6 & 9 months. By 3 months’ basic cuts, and shaving techniques are established and used, by 6 months they will be able to achieve cuts & shaves using harder techniques are also being used and by 9 months our barbers are able to use all techniques and cut hair to a very professional standard.

Our staff all have to be trained to a high standard to give the best cuts and services available. They also must be able to give amazing customer service. Also, we feel that to provide all these services to the highest standards are Barbers must be trained in Health, Safety & Hygiene this is very important to us. We only train people who we need to work in our shops. For us at Boss Barbers we feel that a trip to the barbers should be a pleasant experience not just a haircut.